Hotel Policies

Required Credit Card at Check-In

Arriving guests are required to provide a credit card together with a photo I.D. corresponding to the name appearing on the credit card. We reserve the right to cancel a confirmed reservation or prepaid reservation should the guest fail to provide a proper card and identification. Prepayments will be refunded by the next business day. Upon arrival, an authorization hold will be placed on guest’s credit card in an amount equal to the anticipated room & tax for the entire guest’s stay. In most instances, we will not process a completed sale charge to the credit card until checkout. Early release of authorization hold on a guest credit card is outside of the control of the hotel.

Reservation Cancellation Policy

Reservations may be cancelled at any time 24 hours prior to the date of arrival without charge. In the event of a cancellation requests within 24 hours of the date of arrival or in the event of a “no show,” we will charge the credit card provided at the time of booking in an amount equal to one (1) night’s room charge. Any additional room nights reserved by the guest will be released back to the hotel without any further charge to guest. We will charge local taxes on the one (1) night’s room charge.

Modification of Reservation-Stay Dates

Request to modify the arrival date, length of stay, or room type may be made at any time 24 hours prior to the date of arrival without charge. We will make our best effort to accommodate modification requests, but such requests are subject to availability.

Check In & Check Out Times

Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. of the day of arrival and check-out time is 12:00 noon on the day of departure. We will make our best effort to accommodate requests for an early check-in. Upon request, we will also try to accommodate requests for late check-out. In the event of a late checkout, we reserve the right to assess a stay over charge.


We accept selected pets. Pet requests must be made at the time of booking and confirmed by phone or e-mail with our Reservations Department. The hotel has a limited number of pet-friendly rooms and requests are subject to availability. We will charge a non-refundable pet fee of $25.00 for each pet per stay. Please no pets in the common areas of the hotel. Pets may not be left unattended in the guest room. Housekeeping service will not be provided should a pet be left unattended in the room.

Stored Luggage

Upon request, we will store luggage on behalf of guest prior to check in or following the guest’s check out for a period not to exceed 12 hours, unless special arrangements are made with the hotel’s manager. Guest shall request a luggage identification tag for each stored bag. We will only release a stored guest bag to a person presenting the luggage identification tag. We shall not be liable for stored passports, currency, jewelry, cameras, electronics (e.g. laptops, iPads, smart phones), working papers, and all other similar items of special value. Guest is encouraged to remove any valuable or specialty item before storing luggage. With prior arrangement with the manager, we will make safe deposit boxes available for placement of valuable and special items.

Non-registered Visitors

We reserve the right to decline access to any person not registered as a guest of the hotel. Guest visitors are requested to leave the hotel not later than 10 p.m. Guest visitor requests for access made after 10 p.m. will be declined, unless special arrangement have been made in advance with the hotel’s manager.

Minors & Persons Under 21

There is no extra person charge for children twelve (12) and under when accompanied by a parent or guardian and using existing guest room bedding. We reserve the right to decline a booking by persons under the age of 21, unless accompanied by a person 21 or older. We may exercise this right at the time of check- in, notwithstanding the booking has been made and confirmed in advance. We will decline all reservation requests by person under the age of 18 traveling alone, unless special arrangements have been made with the manager of the hotel in advance. We will decline to check-in any person under the age of 18 if traveling alone.

Noise & Nuisance

As a courtesy to other hotel guests, we request that guests refrain from in-room parties, loud music or other behavior that may inconvenience or disrupt the quiet enjoyment of the hotel by neighboring guests. In the event a guest engages in or permits others to engage in unreasonably noisy or disruptive behavior or causes or permits vandalism, nuisance or similar damage to the premises, we reserve the right to immediately terminate the booking and direct that the guest leave the premises. In such an event ,any unearned room and tax or other charges paid by guest shall be refunded within 72 hours of the guest departure from the premises.

Parking & Valet Parking Service

The Beresford Arms Hotel & Suites offers valet parking services through an independent parking company for an additional fee. Your car will be picked up and delivered to the white zone located at the front entrance of the hotel. Valet service is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week (some special restrictions apply). Please contact us for current rates (As of Summer 2023 the over-night fee ranges $46 to $57 dollars (including pickup and taxes), (unlimited in & out privileges without any additional fee). For more details about valet parking Click here.