The Beresford History

Beresford History

Built on the rubble of San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake, Hotel Beresford is long-standing Union Square landmark. Literally. After a major seismic retrofitting for earthquake resistance, it will likely never be taken down. Meanwhile, its sister hotel, The Beresford Arms, presents a stunning example of turn-of-the-century urban architecture just one block over. Both hotels aim to uphold their histories in Union Square. While the plumbing, electricity and linens are new, the lobbies and rooms maintain a distinctive, antique charm.

The Lange Family

The story began in December 1957, with a simple question from Thelma Lange to her husband C. Dan, “How hard can it be” as they toured a quaint but severely run down Beresford Hotel. After the deal closed the answer turned out to be “really hard”, with their Sunday afternoons often time occupied by fitting yet another pipe clamp to the main waterline and swamping out the hallways. Preserver they did, and over the following years the hotel infrastructure replaced top to bottom driven by C. Dan’s confidence to tackle the next improvement project and Thelma’s keen eye to always preserve the feel of this San Francisco classic.

The Lange kids, Chris and Andy joined the journey as junior hoteliers in the 6th grade. Their summers were spent as janitors in the bar, bell hops in the lobby and PBX operators at the front desk. The Lange brothers continue the family story as current proprietors of both the Hotel Beresford and the Beresford Arms. They have hosted luminary guests over the years ranging from actors, opera singers and members of presidential families.

One of the few family-operated hotels in Union Square, the Beresford hotels both embody marks of the Lange family, from the wines specially blended for the Lange family and served at the Arms’ social hour to the carefully selected Angus steaks for the White Horse Tavern. (Did we mention that the Lange family are also cattle ranchers and know a good steak!?).

Most importantly, the family brand features in Beresford’s hospitality. Guests have always been like family themselves…and always will be.