The Beresford History

Beresford History

Built on the rubble of San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake, the Beresford Arms is a long-standing Union Square landmark. Literally. After a major seismic retrofitting for earthquake resistance, it will likely never be taken down. The hotel presents a stunning example of turn-of-thecentury urban architecture and aims to uphold its history in Union Square. While the plumbing, electricity and linens are new, the lobby and rooms maintain a distinctive antique charm.

The Lange Family

Today’s Beresford brand began with a question: “How hard could it be?”

The many people who knew C. Daniel Lange—who purchased the Beresford Arms in the 1970s—knew of his famously confident approach to life and its many adventures. Rebuilding the hotel from scratch, though, was an ambitious project, even for him.

Going from trial lawyer to hotelier had its challenges, but C. Dan’s sons, Andy and Chris Lange, watched their father’s business thrive. Starting as bellhops and linen launderers, the Lange brothers continue the family story as current proprietors of the Beresford Arms. Luminary guests over the years range from actors and opera singers to presidential families.

One of only a few family-owned and operated hotels in Union Square, the Beresford Arms features the mark of the Lange family, from the wines specially crafted for the Langes and served at the Arms’ social hour.

Most importantly, the family takes pride in offering our guests the best hopsitality we can.