Valet Parking

The hotels offers valet parking services through an independent parking company for an additional fee.

  • Your car will be picked up and delivered to the white zone located at the front entrance of the hotel. San Francisco strictly enforces its parking rules, so please do not leave your car double-parked or parked in a red or yellow zone. San Francisco parking citations can be very costly.
  • The valet company’s parking facilities are located within a few blocks of the hotel and in most instances, your car will be parked inside a covered garage. Valet service is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Special restrictions apply on New Year’s Eve.
  • Ask the desk clerk when you wish your car to be returned by the valet. In most instances, the valet attendant will return you car to the hotel’s white zone within 30 minutes of your request. During peak times, such as Sunday mornings, it may take longer than 30 minutes for the return of the car. Ask the desk clerk on duty for an more precise estimate.
  • Valet Parking charges are subject to change, please contact us for current rates. As of Summer 2018 the over-night fee for valet parking of a standard Size car is $37.50, plus 14% local taxes ($42.75) per night. The fee for an oversized car, SUV or pickup is $45.00 plus 14% tax ($51.30) per night. Unlimited in & out privileges are provided without any additional fee.
  • The check-out time from your guest room is 12:00 Noon. However, you may delay requesting the return of your car up to 3:00 PM in the afternoon without any additional Parking Fee. In the event you wish to leave your car in valet parking beyond 3:00 PM, there is an additional parking charge that is payable directly to the valet parking company. Please tell the desk clerk if you plan to leave your car with the valet parking company after you check-out.
  • Be sure to remove all items of value from your car. Do not store luggage, shopping purchases or other items in your car. The valet parking company only assumes only limited liability. Be sure to read the fine print on Your copy of the parking tag.
  • The hotel’s valet parking company uses a multi-part parking tag. Upon check-in the front desk clerk will provide you with the “guest copy” of the tag. Be sure to retain your parking tag. You are required to provide the guest tag to the desk clerk to for return of the keys to your car.
  • REMEMBER when you check-in, give your car keys ONLY to the front desk clerk inside the hotel. Do not give your car key to anyone else, even though they may appear to be a uniformed valet attendant or a staff member of the hotel.